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Our pfSense firewalls use the OpenVPN system to have road-warriors connect to the firewall. This page describes the installation and usage.

Usage of OpenVPN with pfSense firewall

Once the OpenVPN software is installed (see below for install instructions) an system tray icon is visible, which looks like:

You can right click to access its small menu. One of the options is to connect to the preconfigured pfSense firewall:

When you hover over the "router01..." in the submenu you can choose Connect.
A username and password is needed for connecting, which is the same username and password you use to login to your PC. Example:

If your PC is your own (not a public PC), you can choose to "Remember username" before clicking the green OK button.

The VPN will be established and the system tray icon will turn green and show briefly a balloon with the connection info.

You can access the connection status through the same right click menu and click Show.

The Connect option has now changed to Disconnect, which of course can be used to disconnect the VPN.

The status window looks like:

It will show the status of you VPN connection.

Note: I just tried clicking on the round Red Exit button and that made my entire system tray icon disappear and I could not get it back without rebooting the PC. Please do not click that button.

Installation of OpenVPN on Windows PC

Each of the pfSense firewalls we manage will have the OpenVPN system installed and will provide a preconfigured installation file (exe).

To install, just run this install file (provided by us or located on a predefined location on your server) and walk through the following screenshots.

After running, accept the security warning, the following window will show:

Click the Install button, then another window opens:

Click Next.

Click I Agree.

Leave all options as is and click Next.

Leave default folder as is and click Install.

The installation runs through many steps as show above and when finished the following is shown:

It must show "Completed" without any errors. Click Next.

Untick "Show Readme" (unless you really want to read this) and click Finish.
This window closes and the previous window now shows:

Click Finish. This will open the VPN Manager window (see above under Usage).