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Web Sites

Need to increase your business' online presence? A website is the best way to do it.

  • Joomla CMS, Drupal CMS  or basic HTML websites
  • Free DNS delegation to our DNS servers for up to 5 domain name(s) (Domain names not included)
  • Competitive pricing

If you choose a Joomla based site, we can also assist with basic site setup & design.

Joomla is a powerful, easy to use Content Management System with the following features:

  • Site templates to give it a consistent, professional look, customised to your taste
  • Web based editing - Edit from anywhere, without needing extra software
  • No specialized tools or programming languages needed to update site, includes WYSIWYG editor
  • Easy to use web based administrative interface
  • Features expandable using plugins.
  • Access Level Control - Control who has access to view specific content, and who can edit or publish content
  • Website hit traffic information using Google Analytics

DNS Hosting

We can also host DNS for your domain names. We have several DNS servers to ensure maximum uptime for your domain.